Advantages and Disadvantages of glass hookahs

glass shisha advantages and disadvantages

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a consistent hookah collector, if you’re in the market for a new hookah, one of the first things to consider is whether or not to get an all glass hookah. Glass hookahs are loved for their overall elegant look and their ease of smoking, but these hookahs have their disadvantages in addition to their benefits.

Glass or No Glass: Choosing the Right Hookah

Many of the new models of hookah are all glass and made with intricate designs in high-quality glass. These hookahs are made entirely of glass and create a perfect seal as the stems and adapters fit together perfectly. While all glass hookahs may be hot on the market right now, are they worth it?

The clear advantages of a glass hookah really come down to what each smoker is searching for. Are you a fan of the modern sleek design that an all glass hookah will give you? Will you be excited watching the smoke form in the base as you inhale? All these questions will help you determine whether or not a glass hookah fits your lifestyle.

With glass hookahs, you can get your own unique design, a cleaner and smoother smoke, a beautiful and elegant appearance, super tight seals from the glass on glass, no need for rubber grommets, freedom from oxidation or rust and the ability to get creative with your hookah choices.

However, while glass hookahs are incredibly attractive with a nice clean finish, these hookahs are significantly more expensive and incredibly more fragile than their traditional counterparts. With an all glass instrument, it is only a matter of time before it may fall over or suffer from an accident. In the event that your all glass hookah gets damaged, you will find that it is hard to repair and will be an expensive fix. Additionally, while these glass hookahs are colorful and attractive, they do pale in comparison to the beautiful vibrant designs of traditional hookahs.

Traditional Shishas

Traditional hookahs, on the other hand, have a nice classic design and are easier to set up. These hookahs are made to be durable and sturdy and are much less likely to fall over and break. These hookahs also tend to have very colorful bases and are easier to customize. You may be turned off from traditional hookahs due to the fact that the quality of the hookah may suffer as they tend to come with imperfections like scuffs or dings. Additionally, these hookahs are considerably heavier than the glass versions and make traveling with a hookah a bit of a task. Similarly, they are harder to clean as they come with more parts than the glass hookah. All of the adapters and grommets that come with the traditional hookahs can make operating this device a bit of a challenge. With the materials that the stem is made out of, this hookah is a lot more likely to rust and oxidize as well.

While both kinds of hookahs each have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, it is truly up to you as the smoker to decide.

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