How to clean a hookah – Best way to clean a hookah

We decided to put together the most detailed guidance regarding the often talked topic of “how to clean a hookah.” Cleaning your hookah is not only necessary for your health (get rid of bacteria and potential allergies), but it is also good for the performance and the duration of your pipe.
We recommend a general cleaning after each hookah session. Alongside with the regular cleaning, we also advise on a detailed monthly cleaning of your smoke making tool. Let’s have a look at the best way to clean a hookah:

The cleaning should always begin from the vase of the hookah.

We suggest you that you get a long brush that you are going to use for the internal parts. Fill the vase with hot water and some dish soap (don’t overdo it). Place your hand on the top of the vase and seal it. After sealing the container, you should shake it gently, so the soap is spread everywhere. Once you finish with shaking, which is not supposed to last more than 10 seconds, grab your brush and use it gently. Rinse the glass vase with water and leave it upside down to get rid of any sitting water (which could cause mold and problems).

Move on to the stem


Let hot water to run down through the shisha’s stem. Grab your stem brush (you should get one if you do not have) and insert it from one end to the other end of the stem. DO it multiple times to make sure that you got rid of any mold or dirtiness. In the case that your stem is longer than your brush, you should clean half of the stem from one side and the rest of it from the other side! When you finish with the brush, let the hot water run again through the stem.

Cleaning the stem

Next is the hose

Keep in mind that you cannot wash most of the tubes. The reason is that there is a metal coil inside each hose that will rust with water. The way to clean the hose is by hanging it in a cool and dry area. Doing this will guarantee the longest possible lifespan. However, nowadays, many of the hoses are washable and labeled as “washable hose.” The difference with the non-washable hoses is that instead of metal the element is made of plastic. Cleaning washable parts is as simple as letting the hot water run through the tube! Avoid dish soap or any soap at any cost. Using soap will only cause issues and poor taste. Imagine spending so much time in choosing your hookah, picking the right flavor and destroy the feeling because you used soap in the hose. Wouldn’t you want this right? Kindly remember to always hang your hoses after washing them!

How to clean hookah hose

Last but not least. The Hookah Bowl.

Some prefer not to wash it, but I disagree. Washing the bowl guarantees a fresh taste each time. After spending multiple time researching this, I concluded that you should avoid cleaning the bowl ONLY if you use the same shisha tobacco each time and every time that you smoke. Otherwise, rinsing the pot should be enough. Don’t worry about black stains; it is nothing more than a burned glaze.

Every month we suggest doing a detailed hookah cleaning session

We recommend filling the parts with cleaning solution and letting them sink in water and soap overnight. Using a cleaning solution will help you get rid of flavor residue. Skipping the monthly cleaning will eventually turn all the shisha flavors taste similar (because of the waste).

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