Coco Nara Coals Review

There are a lot of Coco Nara coals reviews around the internet. We decided to make our own since these hookah coals are considered by many to be one of the top hookah coal brands. Coco Nara coals are 100% natural coconut hookah coals. These are made from compressed coconut shells. They burn up to 3 times larger than other organic coconut hookah coals. The good thing with Coco Nara coals is that are friendly to the environment and do not leave a taste back to your shisha flavor.

Cocoa Nara hookah coals are easily lit on a hookah coal burner. Some say that they need approximately 12 minutes to become fully red on high setting on the stove. When coal become red, you know that are ready to use them on your hookah.

These hookah charcoals arrive in a cardboard outer box with a plastic tapped bag inside. You can easily buy Coco Nara Coals from Amazon or from Coco Nara official website.

Coco Nara coals review – Rating

Flavor10/10These coals do not alter your shisha flavor.
Duration10/10The duration is more than enough. They last for a good one hour
Ash10/10The ash production is minimal
Convenience9/10It takes a bit more than other coals to be lit but overall is okay.
Smell9/10A very light smell that is hard to notice
clouds9/10Coco Nara coals generate thick and smooth clouds that are pleasant to smoke.

Many times, when people discover Coco Nara coals, they do not allow themselves to go back to any other brand of hookah coals. Despite the fact that it may take a bit longer than other coals to light, the duration that these coals last make up for anything else.

Long lasting coals with minimal flavor?

People that are smoking hookah for years and have tried many different types of hookah coals can vouch for Coco Nara coals. The food thing with them is that these charcoals do not only provide long-lasting burn but they do also provide a great constant amount of heat that burns correctly the shisha flavor.

The constant amount of heat is required for the shisha to last as much time as possible. In that the hookah coals that someone is using are not premium quality, we often see intervals in the heating. Heat intervals often burn the shisha flavor sooner than intended which this then leads to poor smoking experience.

Nearly all of the Coco Nara coals review state that the best part of these hookah coals is that they output a steady and strong heat. This is what is required for a nice hookah session.

Premium charcoals are a must

People will not believe the difference that hookah charcoals make to the hookah smoking experience. Many are impressed when they change from quick light coals to natural organic coconut coals! It even seems to them that the smoke is healthier! The reason for this is that organic coconut coals do not have any chemicals like many of the quick light hookah coals do. Therefore, the natural coals are way better for your health while at the same time they provide a better smoking experience.

Another strong point is that coals without chemicals seem to be cleaner than quick light coals. Especially coco naras are super clean with minimal ash production. The smell of them is very natural and hardly noticeable. This is excellent because ash and smell from hookah coals could negatively impact shisha flavor.

Where to buy coco Nara charcoals

We highly recommend that you try using these coals. We are pretty sure that there will be one of your best hookah coal options when you need to buy a new pack. One place that we recommend you to buy these is through Amazon. Amazon provides excellent service and quick next day delivery! Make sure to check the Coco Nara coals reviews on Amazon: