Best Hookah Coal Burners – 2020 Break Down

One of the most important parts of any hookah is the hookah coal burner in 2020, and you can’t afford to get your hands on the wrong one if you’re looking for a smooth, enjoyable, and relaxing experience with your hookah you are in total control of. You should consider owning one coal heater especially when you are using some of the best hookah coals. Without a quality coal heater hookah platform to get your system up and running your hookah is nothing more than a fancy -looking vase with a couple of leather hoses hanging out of it. Without a little heat from these coal burners, your hookah is going to be left out in the cold!

Thankfully though, getting your hands on a top-quality option that provides reliable, steady, and adjustable heat (perfect for traditional and all-natural hookah coconut coals or more modern charcoal options) isn’t anywhere as difficult as some folks make it out to be.

Below we break down five of the very best coal heater hookah options on the planet today and tell you why each of them may be the perfect one for you!


Best coal burner

Check the best hookah coal burners:

    • IMUSA USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner
    • Fumari 120V Hookah Coal burner


    • BudPro Hookah Silicone Phunnel Bowl


  • Charco Flare Hookah Charcoal Burner
  • Pharaoh’s Electric Hookah Charcoal Burner
  • Pharaoh’s Electric Hookah Charcoal Starter/Burner
  • The Newport jumbo torch lighter
  • The Hookah Harmony Hookah Charcoal Coco Burner

IMUSA GAU-80305 Electric Burner

Easily one of the best-selling “countertop” style hookah coal lighter options on the market today, this particular choice isn’t going to break your bank account, either. It comes in at just about $12 and is worth every penny! You’ll have the option to grab a single coil electric hookah charcoal heater system or a double burner if you want to fire up a bigger batch of coal, and the entire system runs on between 1100 W and 1500 W dependent upon the single/double configuration you move forward with.

A temperature control regulation knob gives you the ability to fire things up in the early stages of getting your coal lit while backing things down to a more consistent temperature so that you don’t rip through your fuel. A Hot Surface indicating light, power light, and easy to manipulate control scheme makes this charcoal burner a smart purchase at a discount price.

Fumari Hookah Coal Burner

A little bit pricier than the hookah coal burner we highlighted above, this option is going to set you back about $24 – but it offers some pretty innovative features that make it well worth the extra investment. Pumping 1100 W of heat through the single coil coal heater system, this burner has a larger footprint than most of the other single coil options out there (measuring in at 14.5” x 10” x 4”) which allows you to more efficiently heat up a larger supply of coal without chewing through a lot of electricity. Easy on the eyes (and effortless to control as far as temperature is concerned), this is certainly one of the best hookah coal burner solutions money can buy.


HookahHarmony Hookah Charcoal Coco Burner

Not only are you going to be getting your hands on one of the best hookah coal lighter options on the market today when you snap up this burner, but you’re also going to get a free lotus charcoal holding container that will maintain your lit coals at the perfect temperature while you’re using them as well.

Featuring a unique heat management system that prevents your coals from ever coming into direct contact with whatever it is you are firing up in your hookah, you’ll enjoy a much cleaner, a much more consistent, and a much more flavor forward smoke from your hookah without any of the fired charcoal tainting the experience.

The integrated air vents allow you to manipulate the supply of air provided to both the heating element and your charcoal, giving you the ability to regulate temperature in a way that some of the knob control variants cannot. You’ll have to do a little bit of fiddling with these air vents and first to dial in the perfect temperature to heat the coal the way you want to, but once you have it down it’s going to become second nature and effortless.

Charco Flare Hookah Charcoal Burner

This hookah coal burner is going to set you back a little bit more than most of the other options on this list (it sells regularly for right around $50 or so), but the construction materials it uses – titanium throughout – and the engineering going on behind the scenes make it may be the last charcoal burner you ever have to purchase!

Because of the unique construction materials and heating element engineering we mentioned just now, this system is going to quickly, efficiently, and consistent heat all of the charcoal that you are firing up in your burner. Working wonders with traditional coconut charcoal options as well as more modern choices, you won’t ever have to worry about lighting some of your coal with others remaining unlit or an unsteady burn or temperature that can ruin your hookah experience with this system.

Best of all, the easy transfer of heat to your charcoal guarantees that you’re able to heat up all of the charcoal you are firing in less than five minutes – even from a completely cold start. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Pharaoh’s Electric Hookah Charcoal Starter/Burner

Sitting just a notch below the hookah coal burner we highlighted above as far as pricing and premium materials used are concerned, you’ll only have to spend about $32 for this particular option and most agree every penny will be well spent. Featuring a removable tray, detachable tongs, and stainless steel construction materials that make it effortless to clean and maintain (while enjoying lightning fast heat distribution capabilities), you’re really going to be impressed by the standout features this coal heater hookah option brings to the table.

Versatile in a way that many of the other hookah burners out there could never be, some report even using this heater as a “hot plate” to make tea or coffee after they have fired the coals they are getting ready to use with their hookah!


Important features to look for in the best hookah coal burner

There are a couple of different standout features you’ll want to look for when shopping for the best hookah coal burner available on the market today, including (but not limited to):

  • Hot surface indicators, automatic temperature shutoffs, integrated timer systems, and overload circuit protectors
  • Single or double burner configuration with intelligent coil designs for efficient heating
  • High quality and easy to clean/maintain construction materials that will last 40 years
  • Temperature control settings that can be effortlessly set and readjusted on the fly as necessary
  • Energy efficient technology that won’t break your bank account every time you fire up a batch of coals

Really knock those critical factors out of the park when you go to purchase a new charcoal burner and you won’t have anything to worry about when firing up a batch of coal for your hookah system.

Any of the options that we highlighted above would make a perfect addition to your collection, though some will obviously be better suited to your specific needs and your specific budget than others. They represent the five best hookah coal burner solutions on the market today and you’ll be over the moon with any of them!


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