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With a few do it yourself (DIY) easy steps, anyone can effortlessly turn their favorite alcoholic Liquor bottle, into a kick-ass shisha hookah. In order to achieve this, they need to get a few items from the store for the assembling the bottle. Alternatively, it is also possible to improvise, by using available material from one’s house. These items include a hosepipe, a forty-five centimeter metallic or copper tube, a ceramic hookah bowl, foil paper, shisha easy to light charcoal, some electrical tape, and thread seal or plumber’s tape and a clean alcoholic drink bottle. DIY hookahs are concidered to be pretty cool. However, before buying on you should also consider checking out our best hookahs guide article.

The procedure for assembling a DIY hookah

In order to achieve the best smoking experience, the hose pipe has to be inserted on the bottle at an angle. To do this, one has to thrush a hole onto the bottle, at approximately two to three inches from the top of the bottle. A simple home hand drilling machine, fitted with a Fifteen-millimeter drill bit, can be used to gently poke the hole on the glass. Once the hole has been punched at the top of the bottle, a huge percentage of the job is done.

One end of the hosepipe should then be masked with the electric tape by rolling it twice around the pipe. This should be followed by beefing up the area with a piece of paper in order to achieve the desired thickness around the hosepipe selected spot. The paper should then be secured in place with electric tape. The electric tape should then be enhanced by surrounding it with the plumber’s tape. This thread seal tape ensures that the area that will go into the bottle is airtight. The end of the hosepipe should then gently be pushed into the hole that had been drilled into the bottle earlier.

The next step is to insert the copper pipe into the bottle. Once the pipe has been inserted at the center of the bottle, it should be suspended at a length of one and a half inches, from the bottom of the bottle. The tube should then be secured at the bottle top using the taping procedure that was used on the hose pipe. The first tape using the electrical tape and piece of paper then finalize by the taping of the thread seal tape, to hold the tube in place, at the top entrance of the bottle.

The copper tube will be suspended above the bottle at length of approximately fifteen centimeters, depending on the depth of the alcohol bottle. The top of this pipe is used to fit the ceramic hookah bowl. This is done by using the taping procedure that was used to secure both the hosepipe and the tube earlier on. The top of the ceramic bowl should then be covered with a foil paper. The foil should, in turn, be poked with tiny holes using a needle or pin. The surface of this foil paper should be packed with some of one’s favorite tobacco flavor. The tobacco should again be covered by foil paper and punched with tiny holes once again. On top of this foil paper, place your hot charcoal. These tiny holes allow hot air to penetrate to the tobacco below, as the smoker inhales through the hose pipe. When the shisha smoke is released into the bottle, the smoker is then ready to inhale his or her first smoke from the kicky, kick-ass hookah bottle.

Ready to use Amazon products

There are easier and more efficient means of turning one’s favorite alcohol drink bottle into a kick-ass hookah. This can be accomplished by buying well decorated, ready to use hookah kits online. There are two incredible products in particular that are customized to fit onto any size of a bottle top. They come fitted with and a beautiful ceramic bowl and a good-looking hosepipe, ready for use. The consumer only needs to fit the kit onto the mouth of their favorite alcohol bottle and they are good to go. The most outstanding products are known as the HookItUpHookah stem kit by Al Moonla and the Portable Bottle Hookah stem kit. One can also buy amazing hookah accessories such as cool and disposable hosepipe mouth tips online. The mouth tips are used to maintain hygiene, especially when sharing the hosepipe.



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