Does Size matter? Short vs Tall Hookahs

Hookah size is as important as many other things in life! Continue reading to learn the differences of long and short hookahs and how these differences can change your shisha experience.


A common misconception is that longer hookahs are better in cooling the smoke before it reaches its final destination (your mouth). This is an absolute misconception and it is not true. In our post, we will try to cover as many as possible factors that can affect your shisha smoking experience.

Does a Tall hookah cool the smoke better than a small one?

The short answer is No. A long hookah is not better at all at cooling the smoke in a higher degree than a small one! What does cool the smoke is the water that you placed in your shisha’s base.

The long answer is that after performing multiple tests we were able to identify that length has some effect on the temperature of the smoke, HOWEVER, this difference is subtle. The reason for this, as we stated in our short answer, is that the water is responsible for the cooling of your smoke.

Shisha Base Size – Size Matters in that case

The hookah base is the first thing that is responsible for the thickness of the smoke and the size of the clouds that the user makes. The bigger is the Shisha base the more smoke is produced which translates to bigger, thicker and richer inhales and puffs.

Have you ever noticed people placing ice cubes in the base of their hookahs? You may find this irrelevant however it is HIGHLY relevant! As the water is responsible for cooling down the temperature of the smoke, it means that the smoke can be cooled down to the water’s own temperature and not beyond that. This means by having ice cubes in the water, you lower the temperature of the water, therefore, the temperature of the smoke and puff as well!

After using the hookah for some time. You may start to notice that each puff is less cool than the previous one. This happens because the water gets warmer over time. At this point, you may need to consider to refresh your Shishas water and/or add ice cubes ever half an hour or so.

Hoses matter too!

You may think that hose is just a tube that delivers smoke for you to inhale! Yes, it is. but the quality of the hose is an important factor to your smoking experience. Most of the times, Hookahs come with plastic, not top-quality hoses. I urge you to try using a high-quality hose and compare your experience to the last time you smoked with the plain one.

After trying a high-quality hose for hookah, I can personally guarantee you that you will always notice the difference between hoses types and you will always try to get a high-quality one!

Conclusion – It’s Not always about length

Concluding, we would like to say that the length of the hookah’s stem seems to have no to little effect on the temperature of the shisha’s smoke. The only thing that had an impact on the temperature of the smoke was the size of the base and the temperature of the water in the base. Also, if you are able to locate a hose with ice packs then this will likely have a huge impact on the temperature of the smoke.

We hope that you enjoyed this article and now you are more familiar with making the correct choices when choosing a new hookah or hookah accessory to buy!

Let’s hear your opinion

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