Starbuzz Blue Mist hookah flavor Review 2019

2019 Review of Starbuzz Blue Mist Hookah Flavor

Starbuzz Blue Mist Shisha

On of the Most popular shisha flavors, Blue Mist by Starbuzz offers a pleasant hookah smoking experience.

Far and away the most popular shisha tobacco option available anywhere, the Blue Mist Starbuzz Hookah Flavor has a uniquely sweet flavor with a blueberry backbone that is quite like anything else available on the market today. On top of that, the Blue Mist Starbuzz Shisha also has a minty aftertaste that doesn’t really present itself until well after the initial waves of a blueberry hit, giving you a soothing minty freshness at the very end of each pull that you just aren’t going to get anywhere else.

As far as the overall weight and viscosity of the clouds that can be produced by the Blue Mist Starbuzz Shisha, you’re looking at something really special here as well. It doesn’t take much to generate particularly thick clouds from this product, and they are the kinds of clouds that are going to maintain their shape and their viscosity for longer than most of the other options on the market today.

We already highlighted the purity of the flavor that this particular product offers but it’s really important to reinforce the fact that this shisha tobacco product doesn’t have any of the harshness associated with many of its closest competitors. Each and every draw with this product is going to be incredibly smooth, almost buttery inconsistency, and you won’t have to worry about frying your throat or your mouth while smoking Blue Mist Starbuzz Shisha over extended amounts of time – even in a single session.

Starbuzz Blue Mist – A Strong Flavored Shisha Tobacco

When it comes to the buzz produced by the Blue Mist Starbuzz Shisha, you’re not going to be talking about anything too crazy – but there’s a distinct and definite buzzy sensation that you’re going to pick up, especially if you only indulge with this particular shisha tobacco product every so often. This is a top-flight tobacco product through and through, a top shelf solution that you won’t mind breaking out during special occasions but also a product that is relatively inexpensive enough to enjoy on a more regular and frequent basis.

There’s a reason behind why it has become one of the most popular shisha tobacco mixtures available on the market today and if this is the first time that you are getting a chance to try Blue Mist Starbuzz Shisha there are plenty of people that have been smoking this tobacco for quite a while that are jealous of you getting the chance to go into this experience with fresh eyes and no expectations.

You are going to love it!

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