Advantages and Disadvantages of wooden hookahs

If you recently have observed, there is a growing trend on wooden hookahs. They are even considered by some as the best hookahs available! Are they really wooden or is it some sort of visual design? I will answer this for you as simple as possible. Those wooden hookahs may seem 100% wooden but they are not! Take a look at the image below:

Wookah - wooden pipe


Do you think that wood can handle all this water in it? Probably not. So how do these “wooden shishas” work and how are they constructed? The wooden hookahs can be made of wood on the outside. However, on the inside of the base (where the water is in), there is a plastic, eco-friendly material that helps the wood stay intact even if the water stays in the base for a long period. The only part of the hookah that it is considered 100% wooden is the hookah stem. Let’s see more information about wooden hookah stems:

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The history of wooden shisha stems:

The first shisha appeared in India. It was an idea of the physician Irfan Shaikh. Yet, the first shisha was a wooden one. However, this is long ago history as today, the most common material for stems is the metal. But this was not always the case.

Once upon a time, wooden stems used to be the most popular material for hookah stems. In Iran, wooden stems are still common. Shisha smokers either go crazy for them or do not want to see them in front of them.

Wooden hookah logic:

The users and fans of the wooden stems tend to support that once you start smoking with a wooden one, it is hard to go back. Their logic is that after a long period of time, the stem that is made of wood absorbs the smoke. This intensifies the flavor.

Those who hate them, however, state that it is not beneficial for their smoking stem to absorb flavors. The absorbing of the smoke and flavor provides them with a confusing flavor.

This logic makes sense to those who smoke a ton of different flavors and prefer to have a clean flavor of their new shisha tobacco each time. Those people will never enjoy a wooden hookah. Those who prefer smoking a single or a few flavors of tobacco can be delighted by the enhancement that the wood provides.

Get rid of absorbed flavors and chemicals

A wooden argileh can be stripped down and cleaned like a metal one. It is not that easy though to get rid of all the absorbed flavor. You may be able to get quite close if you use warm water with mild soap and/or alcohol.

Other than flavor, the wood may absorb nicotine or other potentially unhealthy chemicals. BUT this does not mean that metal or glass shishas are any healthier than wooden ones. You need to keep this in mind if you are planning to purchase a wooden shisha.

The wood will eventually rot

Rotting wood is one of the biggest drawbacks of any wooden shisha. Due to the nature of smoking (Because vapors are generated), it is easy for the wood to eventually rot. Many wooden hookah manufacturers found a solution for this. They made some parts of the stem removable so that can be replaced in a cost-efficient way.

Our suggestion

There are some benefits and some drawbacks when it comes to wooden hookahs. We were able to see some of them. What would be my personal choice if I had to decide on the type of the hookah I would buy?

I would buy all of them!

I am just joking. I love the wooden look, the aesthetic that wood provides, the steadiness etc. However, I always like to smoke CLEAR, PURE smoke without any ghosting of past flavors. For that reason, I would buy a Wookah instead of a wooden hookah. Wookahs are hookahs that seem like wooden ones. However, on the inside, these are proofed with water resistant and absorb-free material

With a wookah, you get to experience all the aesthetics benefits without the disadvantages of wooden hookahs.

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